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WIFI - Ad Monetization

In the times of high internet penetration everyone wants to be connected to the digital world. Be it at homes, in offices, in colleges, at railway stations, bus stops, cafes or airports everyplace demands you to stay connected to the digital world . High Mobile Data charges and unavailability of connectivity at times are the reason for inaccessibility to internet by masses. With a vision to bridge the gap between user, content and intenet connectivity, Conduit has come up with a unique
WiFi Solutions that helps the enterprises, malls and the kinds to provide seemless internet access and content at low bandwidth consumption.

Our aim is to :

  • Deploy WiFi solutions for hotels, resorts & restaurants with customization enabling them to compete with latest technology trends in the market.
  • Offer unique Digital platform for Entertainment and localized Advertisement.
  • Targeted customer promotions.

Ad Monetization At


Supermarkets, Malls, Shopping centers can attract customers through our solution.

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Banks, hospitals or any organization where many customers come and spend time in certain areas.

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Public Transport

Our WiFi unit has the ability to host 2 x SIM Cards for 3G/4G networks and its industrial grade.

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Coffee Shops &

You can create a WiFi Advertisement Fabric by deploying our content WiFi Access Point.

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