USSD Gaming Arcade

Complete Mobile Games Platform

  • Bringing games and entertainment to all mobile devices.
  • Enables the mobile operator to participate in the lucrative mobile games VAS category using the ubiquitous USSD channel.

Multi Device
USSD Play Arcade workson any mobile device from features to smart phone on any network technology, in the most rural and urban areas – it is completely ubiquitous!

In-game Advertising
A new source of revenue can be generated unlocked through advertising within Games in an interstitial method.

Our multiplayer aspect ensures viral uptake and true entertainment through competition between subscribers

Content is localised to operators market. 2 weeks required for initial platform localisation

Rewards in the form of SMS, data or voice minutes can be given to subscribers for achieving Milestones within games, this reduces chances of churn, increases loyalty to the mobile operator and makes for a happy subscriber!

The real-time portal ensures complete transparency on an up to the minute basis, customer care representatives can support subscribers using tools within the portal and the commercial team can track usage and billing metrics at anytime.


Fantasy Soccer
This game is a community of soccer fans playing against each other. It is the fusion of chess and soccer into strategic sporting action!

Hangman is a classic word guessing game where players guess the word letter by letter.

KnowYou KnowMe
The aim of the game is to determine how well two people know each other. A series of questions is presented to player 1.This player answers these questions, they then hand the phone over to their partner, who has to answer the same questions about player 1. The game scores the answers using the answers that each player provided.

The aim of Math is to test your ability to solve math problems using only your mind.

Soccer Guru
The aim of Soccer Guru is to accurately predict the scores of soccer games that are played in local and international leagues. Players earn points for correctly predicting the correct Scores. This game also includes a community wall module to add social interaction

The aim of the game is to test the player’s knowledge on a variety of topics by answering multiple choice Trivia style questions. Localized content can be created by our content team and placed in categories from which the player can choose

Unscramble is a word game presenting the player with scrambled up words. The player has to rearrange the letters to reveal the correct word.

Naughts & Crosses
The aim of this well-known game is to get 3 X’s or 3 O’s in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal row.

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