Digital Media

MEME - Targeted Advertisement

There is a massive overload of content that consumers can choose from today. It is fair to say that the vast majority of this will not attract the audiences required.

Meme is a premium media channel that offers a unique customer interfacing experience for the brand with Relevant, usable and creative content to attract the right audiences.

MeMe presents selected content and brand marketing messages to mobile subscribers on their mobile telephone devices; targeting the consumer based on certain demographic, location and other value criteria, triggered by either the start or end of voice calls.

Meme offers the subscriber various types of content on the USSD platform. The consumer can decide which content is preferable, and the selected content is delivered on his mobile telephone device when he makes a call.

Content Providers

Content Provider submit content, advertisments for products, games, music etc, targeted by demographics, geolocation, or mobile usage.

MEME Mobile

MeMe matches attributes specified by content providers with subscriber data. Messages are paired with and appended to value-adding mobile usage data that is sent by operators to those subscribers as part of normal business.

MEME Subscriber Notification

Paired USSD messages are sent to the selected subscribers at Start of Call, End of Call, or Unsolicited.

MEME Subscriber Notification


Subscribers consume content, or respond via an interactive menu to the call-to-action. For example, Goto website, Sign up for pre-selected content via a USSD menu, Request contact, Link to games/music, etc.