Airtime Credit

The service is geared towards customers who have run out of airtime, are unable to top up via conventional means (e.g. traveling, at night, without money, proximity to an airtime sale outlet, in an emergency situation etc.) but are in need of making a mobile phone call.This is designed for ease of use as it works via USSD and SMS, which are well understood by mobile subscribers, and the airtime is availed to the borrowed subscriber instantly. The mobile subscriber is then required to repay the advanced airtime within a specified period of time.

Airtime credit enhances revenue for Network Operators by converting dropped calls and “call me back” requests into completed calls, hence increase in ARPU for the Network Operators.

  • A service that allows a customer to get airtime on credit and pay later
  • The money is recovered the next time the customer recharges/tops up
  • Financially focused, debt management experience, and deep funding lines
  • Technology successfully integrated and operational
Mobile Banking

Mobile based banking solution that Extend your personal financial management solution to all device channels and enable users to perform all essential banking functions without visiting a Bank.

  • Check account balances and details for all product types including checking, savings, mortgage, credit cards, and brokerage
  • Search and filter transactions such as deposits, transfers, bill payments, and more
  • Apply for and open new accounts
  • Set up and schedule transfers, bill payments and person-to-person (P2P) transfers
  • Deposit checks remotely using the built-in device camera
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • Search ATMs or branches using address or device GPS
  • Send secure feedback, compliments, and complaints to the bank or credit union
  • Personalized Mobile banking: Extend your personal financial management solution to all device channels and enable users to perform all of today’s essential banking functions without visiting a branch.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Build personalized campaigns that engage customers across channels and activities.
  • Security and Compliance: Provide a completely secure mobile banking environment to mitigate risk and encourage user adoption
  • Seamless Integration: Connect to your existing systems via web services or proprietary connectors to drive multi-channel experiences.
  • Omni channel experience : Built from the ground-up to support multiple device types (phone, tablet, desktop web, wearables)
Mobile Wallet

The mobile wallet, also called mWallet, digital wallet, or eWallet, is a mobile technology used similarly to a real wallet. The Mobile Wallet provides is solution for any business looking to allow customers to purchase their products online with greater ease, therefore driving sales. With the mobile wallet, it is possible to hold all of the items that a physical wallet would carry on your mobile device.The mobile wallet also has superior security features to ensure that such sensitive information remains secure.It can perform following functions.

  • Fund Transfer: Providing both mobile operators and financial institutions with a new transaction-based revenue opportunity by enabling instant mWallet fund transfer worldwide.
  • Merchant Payment: Empowering merchants to accept multiple forms of payments via mobile wallet and help build profits
  • Bill Payment: Enabling telcos, financial institutions or utility service providers to offer trusted and convenient bill payment services to their users.
  • Bank Transfers: Enabling financial institutions and telcos to offers their customers capability to integrate their mWallet with their bank accounts for managing funds.
  • Mobile Top Up: A full-featured mTop Up system which allows users to do self topup or through agents.
  • Mobile Financial Services include: CashIn, CashOut, Money Transfer, Self Bill Payment, Agent Bill Payment, Merchant Payments, NFC Payments, Self mTop, Agent Topup, Account Balance Enquiry, etc..
  • Multi Language: Application supports multi-language feature on all the interfaces.
  • Multiple Wallets: Application supports multiple wallets for one user.
  • Unique Wallet Id: No dependency on mobile number. Engage even non-subscriber base to use mWallet services.
  • KYC: Fully customizable "Know your customer" (KYC) functionality. You can add and remove KYC fields as per your requirement.
  • Pricing and commission: Slab-wise, flat and % of transaction amount and/or fixed amount pricing/commission model available.
  • Bank Integration: Easy integration with one or more banks. Seamless transfer of money from mWallet to Bank account and vice versa.
  • Reconciliation: Reconciliation of the transactions and the whole system on click
  • Awesome user experience: User friendly GUI for agents, subscribers and all other stakeholders.
  • Reporting: History reports for Agents and subscribers available via internet portal.
  • Subscriber life-cycle management: Operator can manage subscriber life-cycle as per their business rule.
Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing is a platform that allows customers to buy and display tickets on their smartphone. This makes Ticket purchase just a few clicks away. Tickets can be purchased for any form of public transportation – Bus, Train, Flights. Mobile Tickets has the capability to deliver tickets in a way that passengers find simple to use and convenient.

This also helps the Bus operators to save on the cost of Ticket issue and amount collection.


  • Secure mTicket
  • Scannable Barcode on Ticket
  • Compatible with all OS

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