DTS allows to the operator to be very competitive, making mobile services accessible to a wider part of the population, while at the same time protecting the net revenue stream. Our platform manages various customer segments by offering the optimum service parameters for each segment, establishing the right revenue balance.

DTS enables an operator to offer dynamically varying tariffs and service attributes based on available network resources and current socio-economic conditions. These tariffs and service attributes change from cell to cell and hour to hour across the network and are communicated directly to the customer’s device. This encourages customers to make use of mobile services when more network resources are underutilized, leading to increased customer satisfaction, which ultimately results in more profitable revenue streams.

  • Dynamic Tariffing™ allows operators to offer subscribers dynamically varying tariffs aiming to maximize revenue by offering optimum value-based pricing to subscribers. Intelligent adaptive pricing enables operator and subscriber to establish a win-win relation.
  • The optimum tariff / service attribute is communicated directly to the customer’s device
  • The offered tariff / service attribute is confirmed to the customer at start of call, session or event
  • Dynamic Tariffing uses Big Data Analytics to intelligently find optimum pricing aimed to
    a) Increase customer satisfaction
    b) Improve revenue streams

Benefits to operator:

  • New Revenue Stream: Media agencies bring their wallets to access the operators engagement channel
  • No Capex Expenditure The MeMe platform is provided by Digitata and leverages existing Dynamic Tariff investment
  • New Content Channel Operator can now offer subscribers mobile content at no charge to the subscribers
  • Strategic Positioning as channel is proprietary to the operator reaching both smart and non smart devices (OTT tends to focus on smart phone with data plan)
  • MeMe platform providers the operator with the ideal platform to educate and inform the market of their new products and services

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